Profile_Sakafumi Matsumoto

CEO of Matsumoto-EibunDO.INC A scholar of Sitology I studied Nutrition at Tokyo University of Agriculture and changed departments to International Agriculture and Food Studies from which I graduated.


Currently I am Chef of “Sawara Saryo HANAKANMURI”, Administration officer of Seiodo Shoin Foundation and Administration officer. I used to be an Advisor for the Cabinet Office and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan at various times. I now preside over “Nihon bunka wo Mederu Kai (Group of Admiring Japanese Culture)” and hand on Japanese tradition to the next generation all over Japan.
My book “SUKIYAKI” received an award as Best Single Subject in Gourmand International Award 2013 and “Nihon ryouri to Tennou (Japanese cuisine and Empire)” received HALL OF FAME in 2014. “Shokuzai wa Kataru (Food speaks)” was a best selection book in the Japan Library Association. As well as I appear regularly in a number of publications such as “Yomiuri Newspaper”, “Yasai no Jikan” and “Discover Japan”.

What is Sakafumi Matsumoto’s main business?

My core business Many people asked me about my core business. My mission is my core business. Being myself is “The one”. I am a chef, a scholar of Sitology and multicultural. Life is killing time before dying, so I work on accomplishing my mission.